Capture Metrics

Captures track when end users bookmark, favorite, become a reader, become a watcher, etc.

Captures indicate that someone wants to come back to the work.

Captures are important because they are an early, leading indicator of future citations.

Below is a table of the metrics sources that PlumX uses for capture metrics.

Metrics as of April 14, 2017

Metric Source(s) Description
Bookmarks Delicious Number of times an artifact has been bookmarked
Favorites Slideshare, YouTube, SoundCloud The number of times the artifact has been marked as a favorite
Followers GitHub The number of times a person or artifact has been followed
Forks Github The number of times a repository has been forked
Readers Goodreads, Mendeley The number of people who have added the artifact to their library
Exports/Saves EBSCO This includes the number of times an artifact’s citation has been exported direct to bibliographic management tools or as file downloads, and the number of times an artifact’s citation/abstract and HTML full text (if available) have been saved, emailed or printed.
Subscribers Vimeo, YouTube The number of people who have subscribed for an update
Watchers Github The number of people watching the artifact for updates

To see the changes we have made to our metrics go to our audit log.