PlumX Benchmarks: See how you compare. Now.

The world is constantly interacting with research. These interactions go far beyond citations. With PlumX Benchmarks, for the first time you can compare how you are doing in this new realm with other like institutions. For example, is your social media program as robust as your neighboring institution? Is your research getting as many captures – a leading indicator of citations? Now, you have insight before citations.

Compare your institution to other institutions that matter to you.

Select or highlight your institution and compare to other peer institutions. PlumX Benchmarks provides the capability to measure your institution’s impact against hundreds of other institutions in a multitude of dimensions including metrics categories, disciplines, geography, and more.

Measure research before it gets cited. Or doesn’t get cited.

Besides citations, PlumX Benchmarks provides four other categories of metrics to compare institutions. These other categories: usage, captures, mentions, and social media do not lag like citations do, so you can make comparisons about recent research outputs and grants in a way you just could not before.

Brand new insights.

New current metrics allow you to make comparisons in a new light. Are other institutions garnering more social media engagement for their research output? What are they doing differently? Are research articles from other institutions getting read more that those from yours? Are you publishing on the right platforms?

See an Overview.

You can watch this quick video to see an overview of PlumX Benchmarks.