PlumX Funding Opportunities: Find the right funding opportunities.

Finding newly available grants is essential for researchers. PlumX Funding Opportunities helps you do that.

Search for new funding opportunities.

You can now search for upcoming grant opportunities while you are viewing the impact of your current grants. By understanding the impact of your researchers’ output much earlier than you could previously, even years earlier than citations, you can better target grants that align more closely to your recent work. Use PlumX Funding Opportunities to search for available grants without having to leave the platform.

Embed Search

Once you have a good search for funding opportunities you can save the search on a researcher or other group profile. Then, when new grants become available they will automatically be embedded in the profile page.

Faceting and Filtering

You can filter funding opportunities based upon intuitive facets:

  • Category
  • Agency
  • Eligibility
  • Instrument Type