2015 PlumX Product Look Back

As 2016 gets well underway we have a lot exciting plans for all five of the PlumX Suite products. But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we want to take a moment and look back on some of the things we accomplished in 2015. Below are our 2015 blog posts that announced new products and new product features.

New Artifact Types Supported in PlumX

One of our core principles is that we track metrics for many different types of research output. In February we announced seven more kinds of artifacts we track. Read more here.



PlumX Expands “Mentions” Category by Tracking Blogs

Another core principle of Plum Analytics is that we categorize our metrics into five meaningful categories. One of the categories is Mentions. Mentions are where the stories of how people are interacting with research can be discovered. In May we announced that we expanded our blog coverage in the Mentions category. Read more here.


New Easy to Use Artifact-Level Metrics Page

In May we made some major changes to our artifact page. You can read about those here.




More Ways to Tell the Stories of Research

plumx logoUndoubtedly our biggest announcement of 2015 was the PlumX Suite. (Yes, I’ve buried the lead, but I’m doing this in chronological order!) We went from having one product, PlumX, to having five:

You will hearing a lot more about these products throughout 2016. I am so excited about the plans the Product and Development teams have. Read more here.

Uncovering the Local Story with PlumX Benchmarks

BenchmarksLast but certainly not least, Mike blogged about showing off our new PlumX Benchmarks product at the UIDP Conference in Knoxville. You can read the about the interesting details he demonstrated here.