Analyzing Altmetrics at the OHSU Library

It was just about exactly two years ago that we announced Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) as our newest PlumTM Analytics customer.

Since that time, OHSU, and especially Robin Champieux, Scholarly Communication Librarian, has put PlumXTM through its paces to uncover and tell the stories of their research. In a recent blog post, Robin talks about altmetrics and their usage at her university.

Here is an example of what Robin writes about when she talks about using Downloads as a metric about research:

I’ve also learned that some kinds of altmetric data are better for story telling than others. High download counts help me identify engagement, especially for recently disseminated outcomes, but I would not use them to communicate impact in a P & T dossier or NIH biosketch. What I would incorporate are the impacts the downloads helped me uncover, such as inclusion in curriculum or the use of a measure in clinical trials.

We are proud that PlumX is able to help her do this kind of analysis and help her support her faculty and researchers.

To read the whole blog post go here.

Robin also talked about their use of PlumX in great detail in a Library Journal Webinar in February, 2015. For more detail and to hear Robin tell it in her own voice you can listen to the replay.