Posts by: Andrea Michalek

PlumX now tracks US Patents

We’re excited to announce that we now include patents as a type of research output that is tracked by PlumX. When setting up a profile for a researcher, lab, or other group that you are interested in tracking, we now take a USPTO patent id as a contribution you can track. Read More

PlumX New Features for Navigating Metrics

In our latest release of PlumX, we have made improvements to the display metrics of the impact of artifacts, researchers and groups they are affiliated with.  Highlights include: metrics previews when searching for a researcher, a significant redesign to make the metrics on the data table more digestible, Read More

New PlumX Feature: Enhanced Researcher Visualizations / Metrics Previews

From the beginning of our company’s history, we’ve focused on not just the data, but being able to visualize and quickly discover the stories that are contained in it.  Per researcher, one question that often gets asked is. “What has that researcher done that has gotten the most engagement?” Our sunburst visualization can be sorted by impact to weight the artifacts (articles, Read More

Welcome to our blog

We decided to create a blog to keep everyone up to date about what is happening at Plum Analytics.  We just had our one year anniversary and are proud to have launched our PlumX product. If you haven’t seen the 1 minute product screencast, Read More