CHUC Using PlumX to Measure and Analyze Research Impact

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The Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra/Coimbra Hospital and University Centre (CHUC) in Portugal is the first hospital in southern Europe to implement PlumX to help measure and analyze the impact of their medical research. CHUC is the largest Portuguese hospital of its kind, featuring a comprehensive research, teaching and patient-centered care approach. .

Dr. Helena Donato, Documentation Service Director at CHUC, said that the hospital has sought ways to track research impact other than just ‘traditional’ research metrics. She envisions using PlumX to gauge mentions and usage of CHUC research in social media and other online avenues – as they happen. “We want to monitor in real time the online activity around our scientific research by tracking metrics such as downloads, number of readers, discussion and comments in social networks,” Dr. Donato said, noting that PlumX is the best tool with which to evaluate the scientific impact of CHUC’s hospital research center without the delays associated with other research impact tools. “Measuring only traditional citations and the impact factor doesn’t give a complete picture of the impact of clinical medical research.”

Dr. Donato and her colleagues see great value in the ability of PlumX metrics to raise the international profile of CHUC and afford exposure to its research output quickly, due to the instantaneous feedback the metrics provide for research articles. “We want to achieve greater international visibility and recognition by our peers. Using PlumX metrics, we expect to disseminate the impact of our clinical research more quickly and effectively.”

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