Favorites from the Archives

At PlumTM Analytics, we often blog about new features and other new developments for PlumX, the product that processes big data to bring you information about research impact. Here are some of our previous blog posts you may have missed about important features and functions.

  • PlumX Now Tracks US Patents – This post from July tells you how to set up PlumX to track US Patents. PlumX is more than a way to see article-level metrics, and this post shows one more example of how we are achieving that.
  • Building Profiles in PlumX – We get a lot of questions about how to track researchers in PlumX. This post explains it, and gives lots of good examples.
  • PlumX Now Supports VIVO – VIVO is the open source semantic web researcher repository. You can easily populate PlumX with researcher profiles from VIVO. Also, Andrea attended the VIVO conference in August. Read about that here.
  • Plum Analytics and OCLC Partner – We partnered with OCLC to utilize WorldCat for library holdings. We feel books are an important part of determining research impact. This integration provides seamless integration between PlumX and WorldCat.
  • Announcing PlumX Widgets – Using PlumX widgets you can quickly and easily put important PlumX data into other websites.