The Five Things to Love About the New PlumX Artifact Page

We are excited to launch a new layout of the PlumX Artifact page to improve readability and pave the way for more metrics.

Take a look at this example and read about the five things to love about this new layout.


1. Room for More Metrics

As we’ve been adding new sources, we are running out of room for new tabs to show more context and details. The new layout has room to add more detail to the metrics.

2. More Metrics with Less Scrolling

The old tabs pushed the content further down the page. With the new layout you will see more metrics with less scrolling.

3. Floating Menu = Better Context

Now when you scroll down the page the menu will come with you. This allows you to always know the context of the metrics you are viewing.

4. Color Coded Tabs

The menu tabs are now in the metrics category color. You will know at a glance which category you are viewing.

5. Consistent Ordering

The metrics within the tabs are in the same order as they are in the buckets above. This makes the page more consistent and easier to understand.