Load Your Data

The PlumX Suite has developed robust toolset to integrate your data so you can start gathering metrics, analyzing your data and telling the stories of your research. We can start from a lot of different places – however you track your research and researchers today – and deliver benefits of PlumX.

Below are some examples of what we have done. If you track your research, we can work with you to integrate it into PlumX. If you don’t track your research, we can help you start.


Create PlumX Groups & Hierarchies

Start with your research output, wherever it is. We map it to PlumX and maintain your hierarchy structure.


Researcher Profiles

PlumX uses existing systems to create PlumX profiles to see researchers, their output and the associated metrics.



Artifact Identity Resolution

PlumX tracks multiple versions of the same article. Examples:

  • Pre-print repositories such as arXiv, SSRN, and RePEc
  • Published version of record
  • Green open access post-print repositories such as PubMed
  • Green open access institutional repositories
  • Versions in aggregated databases such as CINAHL and Business Source

To associate articles with a profile, you can start with any ID and PlumX has built-in intelligence to find the others associated with it.  This can even be a URL.

We have an integration team that will discuss your particular needs to determine the best way to load your data into PlumX and keep it up to date.