PlumX Dashboards: Know what is going on with your research. Without waiting years.

PlumX Dashboards gives you a way to know what is going on with your research. You can organize your research into user-defined groups and hierarchies to analyze and understand what is happening with research in your organization. You can group your metrics by researcher or groups within your organization such as by lab, by subject, by journal or any other group where you need to tell the story of research. You can analyze the metrics in many ways at many levels. This helps you tell the stories and answer the questions of the research.

Track all of your research in one place.

You can track the research the way you want by defining your own groups and hierarchies. You can easily map PlumX to your existing organization structure.

Understand the strengths of your researchers.

Accumulate all of the research for each researcher in one place. See the impact and reach of the researcher through the researcher metrics dashboard.

Answer questions fast.

Using the PlumX analytic reports helps you make sense of the big data and all available metrics. These reports are available for each researcher and at each level of your institution structure or hierarchy. You can compare groups, analyze impact and more.

Researchers deserve credit for all of their output.

Researchers do more than publish articles. With PlumX you can track all of their output. This includes the datasets they publish, the presentations they give, the books they write and many other ways your researchers talk about their work. You can see the impact of all of it.

Easy ways to navigate through the data

PlumX provides ways of filtering and sorting all of the metric data to make it easier for you to find and analyze what you want.

Make reporting easy.

PlumX provides ways to export the metrics data so you can report on it the way you want. This can be comprehensive spreadsheets for your own analysis, or PDF reports of the analytics. Either way, PlumX supports your needs for reporting.