More Ways to Tell the Stories of Research

We founded Plum Analytics with the vision of providing modern metrics to help anyone who performs, funds or publishes research, to tell the stories of their research through greater insight to what is happening with it around the world.

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In 2012 we announced our first product, PlumX, a research impact dashboard. Since that time we have worked with many different types of customers including academic universities, research institutions, funders, foundations, commercial entities, government agencies, and more in over a dozen countries. We learned a lot, and developed a lot, and PlumX grew up. Now, we are announcing a suite of PlumX products to meet the needs of those who perform, fund or publish research to answer questions and tell the stories of their research.

The PlumX Suite is comprised of five products:

These all interact seamlessly within an easy-to-use interface. Now you can use the parts of PlumX that are most important to you.

Metrics PlumX Metrics

Get more value from your institutional repository.

PlumX Metrics allows you to get more value from your institutional repository (IR) by embedding metrics about the research directly. These are metrics about the different versions of the same article – not just the one in the IR, so your authors can see the impact and reach of their research in just one place.

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DashboardPlumX Dashboards

Know what is going on with your research. Without waiting years.

PlumX Dashboards is the same product as the “old” PlumX. With PlumX Dashboards, you can organize your research into user-defined groups and hierarchies to analyze and understand what is happening with research in your organization. You can organize metrics by groups such as – department, lab, subject, journal – or any other group where you need to tell the story of research.

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GrantsPlumX +Grants

Gain insight about your grants.

PlumX +Grants takes metrics and dashboards a step further by categorizing and analyzing metrics by grant. Whether you receive or give grants, now you can see the impact of those grants. By using PlumX +Grants you can more easily tell the stories of your grant-funded research.

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BenchmarksPlumX Benchmarks

See how you compare. Now.

The world is constantly interacting with research. These interactions go beyond citations. With PlumX Benchmarks you can compare how you are doing with other like institutions. For example, is your social media program as robust as your neighboring institution? Is your research getting as many captures – a leading indicator of citations? Now, you have insight before citations.

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FundingPlumX Funding Opportunities

Find the right funding opportunities.

Finding newly available grants is essential for researchers. PlumX Funding Opportunities helps you do that by providing a robust search tool from within the PlumX Suite platform.

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To read our press release about this release go here.