Oregon Health & Science University Is Plum’s Newest Customer

image       We are happy to welcome Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) to the growing list of PlumTM Analytics customers. OHSU contacted us because they recognized that many of their faculty members were working within new communities with new modes of communication that old ways of looking at things did not capture.  For example, OHSU authors have published six videos in the Journal of Visualized Experiments since 2012; yet these will not show up in traditional citation count measurements.  Additionally, one of OHSU’s doctors is a reviewer and frequent contributor to MedEdPORTAL.  How do these contributions impact his community?

OHSU is embarking on an implementation with 50 authors to determine a more complete picture of the research done at OHSU, give a fuller picture of the tools used in the communities in which researchers interact, and aid in the understanding of how research reaches audiences.