Plum Analytics Joins Elsevier

I’m excited to announce that Plum Analytics is being acquired by Elsevier.

You can read more about it through the official press release or my article on Elsevier Connect.

Both EBSCO and Elsevier, and of course those of us at Plum Analytics, are committed to helping make this transition as smooth as possible. For existing customers, the PlumX support team is ready to handle any of your support or implementation needs. They can be reached at

We believe this change will help you in important ways. We will be sharing our future plans in more detail over the coming months. Here are some things we can look forward to.

  • We will start to see “altmetrics” moving more into the mainstream as it is aligned with more traditional research metrics.
  • As we benefited from rich data from EBSCO as a source of usage and clinical citations, we anticipate leveraging the rich data from Elsevier as well to continue to tell a more complete story of how research is being engaged with. PlumX already includes Capture metrics from Mendeley and Citation metrics from Scopus. You can expect the level of integration to go up, and the PlumX metrics to also be included in Elsevier’s leading research products – Mendeley, Scopus, ScienceDirect, SciVal and Pure, as well as Elsevier’s leading journal and society partner sites.
  • We will have the opportunity to better explore the relationships between newer research metrics and traditional research metrics. As we make important discoveries, we will share them with you and incorporate them into our products.

As we move ahead we look forward to working with you on how this growing basket of metrics can be used and leveraged to support your researchers and answer your questions about research.

While the next chapter for Plum Analytics and research metrics unfolds, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us shape the metrics that are important to see and the meaningful ways to use them.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand this change.

  1. Can I buy PlumX?
    • Yes, the PlumX product suite will still be available for sale.
  2. Will you continue to support PlumX? For how long?
    • All customers who have purchased a PlumX product will continue to be supported now that Plum Analytics has joined Elsevier. There is not an end date where this support will be discontinued.
  3. Will you still develop PlumX and add new features and new sources of metrics?
    • The full Plum Analytics product development team is still in place to continue to innovate with PlumX. Elsevier will be investing in growing this team, both for enhancing the metrics available in PlumX as well as embedding the metrics within Elsevier products.
  4. I am up for renewal soon, who do I contact for renewals?
  5. How do I contact support? I assume I can no longer use
    • The team providing customer support and implementations is still in place, and the will work during the transition period. We have also added the email address of which will work ongoing.

Please email us at with any further questions.