Altmetrics: It’s a Small World After All

Plum Analytics PlumX Airiti altmetrics largest chinese e-journals collection

Usage data statistics are a valuable metric to researchers, second only to citations. Unlike other altmetrics providers, Plum Analytics has long included usage statistics as an important category of altmetrics. Now, research usage data for one of the largest Chinese e-journals content collections is available through the PlumX altmetrics suite. Read More

Metrics for ALL

This post originally appeared on the 2:AM Conference blog as a guest blog from Andrea Michalek, the Co-Founder and President of Plum Analytics. Andrea shares her thoughts about the current state of altmetrics and opportunities for the future. Read More

Librarian Entrepreneur—Oxymoron?

Recently I was invited to speak at the University of Pittsburgh iSchool’s TEC Conference. “TEC” stands for “Technology. Entrepreneurship. Creativity.” My presentation, entitled “Librarian Entrepreneur—Oxymoron?” was a fun opportunity not only to discuss my experience co-founding Plum Analytics, but also to look back further to my start at the University of Washington iSchool and subsequent projects and products along the way. Read More

New Research Comparing Different Altmetrics Tools

The term altmetrics means different things to different people. At Plum Analytics it means any metrics about any type of research output. It is common knowledge that the ubiquitous use of the Internet has made sharing everything, including research, simple. With all of the different ways to share output come different ways to understand the impact and stories of research. Read More

New Capture Metrics Launched

PlumX tracks 5 categories of metrics:  usage, mentions, social media, citations, and captures.  Metrics that we categorize as captures are when an individual is interacting with research online and “captures” it for later.  Examples of capture metrics that are already a part of PlumX are: Bookmarking the page on Delicious Adding it to Elsevier’s Mendeley as a reader Favoriting a slide presentation on Slideshare Favoriting a video on YouTube Subscribing to a channel on Vimeo or YouTube Followers, Read More

New Artifact Types Supported in PlumX

We recently updated the types of artifacts that we support to better reflect the diversity of research documents that our customers want to track. Giving customers flexibility in how they manage their research output collection is a hallmark of PlumX, and is critical to being able to do an accurate assessment. Read More

PlumX Review in JMLA

  Robin Champieux, Scholarly Communication Librarian, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), recently reviewed PlumX for the Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA). In this review, Robin does an excellent job of describing PlumX and what it does. Read More