PlumX Benchmarks: How Do You Compare?

At Plum Analytics we often talk about telling the story of research. We mean many things by that. One of the things we mean is to use modern metrics to understand how your institution compares to its peers and leaders in any research field. Read More

PlumX Benchmarks: Overview Makes it Easier to See How You Compare Now

How do you measure and benchmark your institution’s research performance? Traditionally, many academic benchmarking tools use citation analysis to measure and compare institutions’ research. However, citations are lagging indicators of  impact, and they do not do some disciplines in the social sciences and humanities justice. Read More

Uncovering the Local Story with PlumX Benchmarks

Recently I spoke at two conferences in the US – the UIDP (University Industry Demonstration Partnership) Conference in Knoxville, TN and the SRA (Society of Research Administrators) Conference in Las Vegas, NV. At each conference I demonstrated the power of the recently released PlumX Benchmarks product using fun local examples. Read More