PlumX Benchmarks: How Do You Compare?

At Plum Analytics we often talk about telling the story of research. We mean many things by that. One of the things we mean is to use modern metrics to understand how your institution compares to its peers and leaders in any research field. Read More

New Research Comparing Different Altmetrics Tools

The term altmetrics means different things to different people. At Plum Analytics it means any metrics about any type of research output. It is common knowledge that the ubiquitous use of the Internet has made sharing everything, including research, simple. With all of the different ways to share output come different ways to understand the impact and stories of research. Read More

New PlumX Feature: Enhanced Researcher Visualizations / Metrics Previews

From the beginning of our company’s history, we’ve focused on not just the data, but being able to visualize and quickly discover the stories that are contained in it.  Per researcher, one question that often gets asked is. “What has that researcher done that has gotten the most engagement?” Our sunburst visualization can be sorted by impact to weight the artifacts (articles, Read More