The Charleston Advisor Interview with Mike Buschman


Mike Buschman, Co-Founder and Chief Product Office of Plum Analytics was recently interviewed for The Charleston Advisor.

Some highlights from the interview include:

  • “It is true that traditionally the term “altmetrics” refers to Social Media… As such, Plum Analytics has never fit perfectly into this category definition… which is why you see people expanding the definition of altmetrics to come closer to our notion of ‘not altmetrics—ALL metrics.’”
  • “The metrics and analytics uncover the qualitative stories about what is happening with research output. Revealing the over-hyped or ‘popular’ research is another example of a story that the metrics allude to. For instance, if you look at a PlumX report on the output of a researcher and see that one article stands out in its social media interactions, you do not just take the number and say that that is necessarily good—you look behind the numbers and see that the paper was controversial, over-hyped, slammed by colleagues, etc.”

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