World-Wide News Coverage in PlumX

Worldwide News

PlumX now looks for references to scholarly works in more News sources, from more countries around the world than ever. With the addition of News mentions from Newsflo, a media monitoring company acquired by Elsevier in 2015, PlumX now scours over 55,000 different news sources from 191 different countries – all the countries in the world that provide digital news content.

PlumX mines blog and news sources for references to academic literature from several places:

  • Newsflo’s extensive list of mass media sources, including both print and online content;
  • ACI’s index of academic blog content, and
  • Our own curated list of blogs and news sources.

This enables PlumX to help showcase the societal impact of your work. The impacts can be wide-ranging and world-wide. For example, consider the following recent article from The Lancet. You’ll see news sources from Canada, France, the US, India, Holland and more mentioning this work:


Sometimes local impact can tell a story as well. This article concerns early human settlement of an island in Australia; the news sources mentioning that article are predominantly from that country. In some cases, local impacts in a reseacher’s own backyard may be exactly what they want to highlight.

This article from the July 2017 issue of Quaternary Science Reviews News has many news references from Australia, highlighting the impact in one region.

We’ve also recently changed our display of news and blogs to show all mentions by default, with the ability to count and filter the mentions by URL on the left hand side of the News or Blog tab, under ‘View by URL’.

If you have a news source that we are not covering, please let us know.