Plum Analytics Metrics Audit Log

The following table is an audit log of how sources in PlumX have been changing.  This is as described in our response to the NISO Altmetrics Working Group on Data Quality.  This table is referenced in the PlumX Code of Conduct Report.  You can also read more about our work with NISO here.

Metric Source(s) Change Description Effective Date
Captures: Readers CiteULike Historical data only March 30, 2019
Mentions: Economic Blogs Various Combined under Blogs February 21, 2019
Mentions: References Wikipedia Added Swedish Wikipedia references to research. October 5, 2018
Citations: Citation Indexes Airiti Academic Citation Index Added citation counts and links to Airiti Academic Citation Index. September 21, 2018
Social Media: +1 Google +1 Deprecated. June 25, 2018
StackExchange Deprecated. Metric renamed from ‘Links’ to ‘Q&A Site Mentions’ April 18, 2018
Wikipedia Added Portuguese and Spanish Wikipedia references to research. March 13, 2018
Exports/Saves, Readers
SSRN Added captures metrics for The Export/Saves count represents the number of times a paper’s abstract and full text (if available) have been emailed. The Readers count represents saves by SSRN users to their “briefcase.” January 23, 2018
WorldCat Historical data only January 23, 2018
Full-Text Views
SciELO To provide consistency across metric sources, one count for full-text views is now used instead of separate counts by format (HTML Views vs. PDF Views). December 29, 2017
Full-Text Views
PLOS PLOS’ API (version 6) provides one count for full-text views instead of the previous API versions’ separate counts for different formats (Abstract Views, HTML Views, PDF Views, Supporting Data Views). This change also affects the PubMedCentral usage provided by the PLOS’ API for PLOS articles only. December 11, 2017
Abstract Views, Downloads, Full-Text Views and Link-Outs
EBSCO Previously EBSCO’s usage metrics were divided into 7 categories. They have been re-mapped to 4 categories only: Abstract Views, Downloads, Full-Text Views, and Link-Outs. December 11, 2017
HTML Views
Forbes HTML Views have not been in PlumX product since Nov 2015 due to lack of agreement with provider. December 11, 2017
CiteULike Added CiteULike readers. October 20, 2017
Abstract Views, HTML Views and PDF Views
SciELO Added usage for artifacts in SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online), the largest open-access database in Latin America. August 9, 2017
Reddit Historical data only. July, 2017
Citations: Policy Citations Policy document source lists curated by PlumX Added citation counts for artifacts cited in policy documents. May 30, 2017
Usage: Plays and Captures: Favorites SoundCloud Added Play and Favorite counts for SoundCloud audio files tracked in PlumX. April 14, 2017
Citations: Citation Indexes SciELO Added citation counts and links to SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online), the largest open-access database in Latin America. Jan 17, 2017
Citations: Clinical Citations National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) UK Added citation counts and links to NICE Clinical Practice Guidelines that cite an artifact. Jan 5, 2017
Citations: Clinical Citations Clinical Practice Guidelines from Pubmed Added citation counts and links to Pubmed Clinical Practice Guidelines that cite an artifact. November 9, 2016
Usage, Mentions and Social Media:
Clicks, Comments, Likes and Shares
Facebook Combined three metrics (Facebook Comments, Shares and Likes) into a single new metric, “Shares, Likes & Comments.” Clicks is no longer available. August 3, 2016
Abstract Views and Downloads
Airiti Library Added usage data for one of the largest Chinese e-journals content collections July 27, 2016
Citation Indexes
Crossref Added Crossref citation count data June 3, 2016
Clinical Citations
DynaMed Plus® Added citation count data from DynaMed Plus® Topics May 12, 2016
Captures: Bookmarks Delicious Historical bookmark data only April 25, 2016