Tell the Story.

The PlumX Suite of products gathers the different kinds of research metrics that are created when people interact with research output. These metrics are organized into the five categories of metrics – usage, mentions, captures, social media and citations. Once the data is categorized you can use the features and functions of the products to answer questions and tell stories about the research that were previously unanswerable or hidden.

Some of the things you can do with the products in the PlumX Suite include:

  • Analyze what is happening with your research with profiles and graphs
  • See the impact and reach of the research in your institutional repository
  • Understand available funding opportunities
  • Compare against similar institutions

Our Analytics Products:

PlumX Dashboards
Know what is going on with your research. Without waiting years.

PlumX Dashboards organizes your research by researcher and user-defined logical groups and hierarchies, for example, by department, by lab, by subject, by journal, etc. Each researcher and group has a profile you can use to easily evaluate what is happening with your research. PlumX Dashboards includes PlumX Metrics (see below).

PlumX for Institutional Repositories
Get more value from your institutional repository.

PlumX for Institutional Repositories is a subset of PlumX Dashboards. It is for you if you only want metrics for your institutional repository. PlumX for Institutional Repositories supplies an embeddable widget, called the Plum Print, that shows you the researchtmetrics in the five categories of metrics for the items in your institutional repository. The Plum Print visual changes so you can tell at a glance what is happening with the research.

PlumX +Grants
Gain insight about your grants.

PlumX +Grants plugs into PlumX Dashboards to give you further analysis of research output organized by grant. Each grant has a profile page so you can see all of the output that was created with an individual grant and the research metrics associated with that output.

PlumX Funding Opportunities
Find the right funding opportunities.

PlumX Funding Opportunities searches US government grants to so you can find grants applicable to your research initiatives. You can copy the search into a PlumX profile to get appropriate updated grant opportunities.

PlumX Benchmarks
See how you compare. Now.

PlumX Benchmarks compares the metrics for the research generated with NIH grants between 2012 and 2014 using the five categories of metrics. You can select which institutions to compare. You can narrow your comparisons by spending category, geography, etc.