PlumX +Grants: Gain insight about your grants.

PlumX +Grants takes metrics a step further by categorizing and analyzing metrics by grant. Whether you receive or give grants, now you can see what is happening with those grants. By using PlumX +Grants you can more easily tell the stories of your grant funded research to your funder, to new funders, or your constituents.

Report the ROI of grants to your stakeholders.

For the first time, you can tell the stories of your grants. Whether you want to talk to the individuals who helped you raise money through fundraisers, or you want to talk to your board of directors, PlumX +Grants helps you.

Arm your researchers to compete for funding.

PlumX +Grants provides current metrics around your research output – especially the most current research that has not had the requisite few years to garner its critical mass of citations. This allows you to include evidence of impact for the research you have performed most recently and stand out in your pre-award activity.

Determine who should apply for grants

With limited submission grants you want as much data to inform which researchers should apply for a given grant at your institution. PlumX provides 4 categories of metrics beyond citations to aid in this decision-making process. Compare researchers and output in new ways to gain the best advantage for securing grants that are getting increasingly competitive.

Find collaboration partners.

Sometimes other researchers are interacting with your research and you don’t even know it. By tracking not only what is being done with research (downloaded, shared, etc.) but also who is interacting with it, researchers can find potential collaboration partners that they did not know about.