Usage Metrics

Article level usage metrics are the number one statistic that researchers want to know after their citation counts.

  • Is anyone reading our work?
  • Did anyone watch our videos?

PlumX is unique in combining artifact-level Usage data with other artifact-level metrics. Below is a listing of the current Usage metrics that PlumX supports, and the providers of the data.

Metrics as of October 15, 2018

Metric Source(s) Description
Abstract Views Airiti Library, bepress, CABI, DSpace, EBSCO, ePrints, RePEc, SciELO, SSRN The number of times the abstract of an article has been viewed
Clicks The number of clicks of a URL
Collaborators GitHub The number of collaborators of an artifact
Downloads Airiti Library, bepress, Dryad, DSpace, EBSCO, ePrints, figshare, Github, Institutional Repositories, Pure (for select customers only), RePEc, Slideshare, SSRN The number of times an artifact has been downloaded
Full Text Views CABI, EBSCO, OJS Journals, PLOS, PubMedCentral (for PLOS articles only), SciELO The number of times the full text of an article has been viewed
Holdings WorldCat The number of libraries that hold the book artifact
Link Outs EBSCO The number of times an outbound link has been clicked to a library catalog or link resolver
Plays Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud The number of times the video or audio has been played
Views Dryad, figshare, Slideshare The number of times the artifact has been viewed

To see the changes we have made to our metrics go to our audit log.