Announcing Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD) in PlumX Metrics

The Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), established in 1989 by the National Science Library at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and contains journals in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geoscience, biology, agriculture and forestry science, medicine and health, engineering technology, environmental science and management science.

We are pleased to announce that PlumX Metrics now includes citation counts from CSCD for articles also indexed in Scopus, with a primary focus on natural/physical science, life science and medicine science. Scopus users will see the addition of citation counts from CSCD and CSCD users will benefit by seeing PlumX Metrics and Scopus citation counts.

cscd plumx artifact page

This is an exciting partnership for PlumX Metrics, as it reinforces our strategy of providing regional sources of citations in addition to global sources. We look forward to a long partnership with CSCD.

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