Open Access

PlumX Leverages DSpace Communities for Simple Integration

The integration between PlumX and DSpace makes it simple for DSpace customers to get started quickly to have PlumX metrics, dashboards and analytic reports. When we work with new customers to implement PlumX we always start with the best place for them. Read More

Open Access, Institutional Repositories and Modern Metrics

The rise of the Internet and increasing journal prices helped pave the way for the open access movement. Now the rise of networked communication and the associated metrics can provide more advantages for researchers to use their institutions’ repositories for open access versions of their research papers. Read More

The Feedback Loop Between Open Access & Altmetrics

During Open Access Week Plum Analytics hosted a webinar titled, “The Feedback Loop Between Open Access & Altmetrics.” In the webinar, Mike Showalter, Plum Analytics Product Manager, talks about the role altmetrics can play in promoting the use of your open access repository. Read More

PlumX and Institutional Repositories

Since we started PlumX we understood that it was important to work with institutional and discipline-specific repositories, both as a source of research output as well as a target for providing value via PlumX metrics. PlumX imports records seamlessly from EPrints, Read More

Open Access Week Kick-Off Webinar

Today is day 2 of Open Access Week. We support open access, so we are doing a lot to participate in Open Access Week. You can read about our activities here. Yesterday we kicked off the week with a Webinar titled “Measuring Impact: Combining Traditional and Non-Traditional Metrics.” We had so many people sign up that we needed to upgrade our webinar room. Read More