Announcing the PlumX Grant Widget

We work hard to make sure that our customers can use the metrics we gather about their research where they want to see them. Our newest addition to our growing list of widgets is the Grant Widget. This widget allows grantmakers and other funders and foundations to embed important information about grants that is contained in PlumX into their web pages and systems. Read More

PlumX Widget Review

In honor of the Frankfurt Book Fair this week we want to review the PlumXTM widgets. The PlumTM Print is an article-level widget that visually changes based upon the metrics in each of the five categories of metrics. Read More

Researcher and Group Level Widgets Are Here

With PlumXTM you can track metrics at multiple levels or group. For example, an academic institution might track metrics at: Researcher Lab Department Institution Discipline Subject These groups are user-definable; each PlumX customer establishes their unique way to analyze research impact. Read More

PlumX and Institutional Repositories

Since we started PlumX we understood that it was important to work with institutional and discipline-specific repositories, both as a source of research output as well as a target for providing value via PlumX metrics. PlumX imports records seamlessly from EPrints, Read More

Announcing PlumX Widgets and our Open Data API

Over the past 6 months, we’ve been quietly improving upon our functionality on how to embed PlumX data about research impact into other applications and websites. This week, we added a feature that puts our widgets front and center in PlumX, Read More