Announcing the PlumX Grant Widget

We work hard to make sure that our customers can use the metrics we gather about their research where they want to see them. Our newest addition to our growing list of widgets is the Grant Widget. This widget allows grantmakers and other funders and foundations to embed important information about grants that is contained in PlumX into their web pages and systems.

Below is an example of a grant from Autism Speaks. The name of the grant is “Identifying Genetic Variants on the Y Chromosome of Males with Autism.” This grant has the following research output associated with it:

  • 25 Articles
  • 3 News Stories
  • 1 Blog

Here is the widget:


Notice that in the list of research output (artifacts) you can see the Plum Print for each one so at a quick glance you can tell something about what is happening with this research.

From the widget, you can click the “see details” link to see the Grant Detail page in PlumX.



If you scroll down this page, it also has a table of the output. Below is an example of that.



You can click on any of the titles of the output to see the detailed artifact page.



This grant widget joins our growing list of widgets:

  • Artifact Widget (Plum Print)
  • Researcher Widget
  • Group Widget

To read about our other widgets go to this previous blog post.