SciELO and PlumX: More Open Access, More Insight

Both researchers and academic publishers in developing countries face an uphill battle when they seek to make an impact in their fields on the global stage. Researchers need both access to academic content to stay abreast of research developments, and a forum to publish results of their research that might get the attention the research deserves. Read More

Sci-Hub: The Academic Cat is Out of the Bag

Plum Analytics Peeks into the Sci-Hub Top 100 Downloads By now I think everyone involved in performing research, publishing research, communicating research, and more is aware of what Sci-Hub is. If you are not, I highly recommend this Science Magazine article titled, Read More

Open Access, Institutional Repositories and Modern Metrics

The rise of the Internet and increasing journal prices helped pave the way for the open access movement. Now the rise of networked communication and the associated metrics can provide more advantages for researchers to use their institutions’ repositories for open access versions of their research papers. Read More

The Feedback Loop Between Open Access & Altmetrics

During Open Access Week Plum Analytics hosted a webinar titled, “The Feedback Loop Between Open Access & Altmetrics.” In the webinar, Mike Showalter, Plum Analytics Product Manager, talks about the role altmetrics can play in promoting the use of your open access repository. Read More

Usage Metrics & the Taylor & Francis Open Access Survey

Taylor & Francis recently published their annual Open Access Survey. This is a survey they conducted of the authors they published during 2012. What interested us about the survey were the responses concerning usage statistics. Sixty percent of the respondents said that usage and download statistics will become important for assessing the value of research over the next ten years. Read More