PlumX Customers Track 67 Different Types of Research Output

We recently created an Infographic to describe what research PlumX tracks and discovered some interesting facts about what our customers consider research.

PlumX tracks 67 different types of research output
PlumX tracks 67 different types of research output

Just two examples of different artifacts we’ve heard about recently from our customers are a YouTube video of a musical score created by a music professor and an important book written by a psychology faculty member. If it is considered research, PlumX tries to find metrics that help tell the story about it.

Some interesting facts about the output our customers consider research:

  • Articles are the bulk of research — there is a long tail of other output types
  • Nearly 44% of research is not articles
  • Books and book chapters account for around 8%

We have more numbers to share.

Download the Coverage Infographic.