The Book on Book Altmetrics from PlumX

We recently created an infographic to describe the research and metrics that PlumX covers. In that process we took a look at how many books and book chapters PlumX tracks. As you can see above, PlumX tracks 4.1 million books and book chapters. Read More

PlumX Customers Track 67 Different Types of Research Output

We recently created an Infographic to describe what research PlumX tracks and discovered some interesting facts about what our customers consider research. Just two examples of different artifacts we’ve heard about recently from our customers are a YouTube video of a musical score created by a music professor and an important book written by a psychology faculty member. Read More

More Ways to Tell the Stories of Research

We founded Plum Analytics with the vision of providing modern metrics to help anyone who performs, funds or publishes research, to tell the stories of their research through greater insight to what is happening with it around the world.   Read More

New Capture Metrics Launched

PlumX tracks 5 categories of metrics:  usage, mentions, social media, citations, and captures.  Metrics that we categorize as captures are when an individual is interacting with research online and “captures” it for later.  Examples of capture metrics that are already a part of PlumX are: Bookmarking the page on Delicious Adding it to Elsevier’s Mendeley as a reader Favoriting a slide presentation on Slideshare Favoriting a video on YouTube Subscribing to a channel on Vimeo or YouTube Followers, Read More

PlumX Includes Usage Metrics from EBSCO

One of the things we looked forward to when considering our EBSCO acquisition was more collaboration between our companies. So, it is exciting to announce that PlumXTM now includes usage metrics for articles and books from EBSCO Databases, Read More

Plum Analytics and Altmetrics: In The News

We are amazed at how quickly altmetrics has turned from a “fringe” topic to one that is on everyone’s mind.  This is evidenced by how many people are writing and talking about it just in the past month alone.  We want to share some of the most interesting of these articles so you can keep up with this emerging area. Read More