PlumX Includes Usage Metrics from EBSCO

One of the things we looked forward to when considering our EBSCO acquisition was more collaboration between our companies. So, it is exciting to announce that PlumXTM now includes usage metrics for articles and books from EBSCO Databases, EBSCO Discovery Service and EBSCO eBooks.

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This marks the first time the wealth of information about the actual usage per article or book, such as abstract views, downloads, etc. can be measured across publishers. While we recognize that this does not represent all usage, it is a good proxy, and it gives you more usable information about articles and books.

One of our customers, Alain Dussert, Director of Library Services at Pacifica Graduate Institute, liked what he saw and commented,

Wow, bringing in EBSCO usage stats is an impressive development. The benefits of being able to see EBSCO ‘hits’ by author is really going to bring tremendous amounts of relevant scholarly data to PlumX. That is a big, and I mean, big, development. I don’t think anyone has ever done that before, to be honest.

Below is an image of a PlumX Article page. You can also view it live here,

You can see that it includes EBSCO usage. Prior to adding this usage, this article indicated seven Mendeley readers. The Mendeley captures are an important statistic and indicate good interaction with this article. Now, with the addition of the EBSCO usage, you get a fuller picture of the level of interest in this article.


Here is a closer view of the article level metrics:


Below is a list of the specific usage metrics we get from EBSCO Databases, EBSCO Discovery Service and EBSCO eBooks.

  • Abstract Views –  a view of the abstract
  • HTML Views –  a view of the HTML version
  • PDF Views – a view of the PDF version
  • ePub Downloads – a download of an ebook in epub format
  • Clicks – a click to request the item through EBSCO Smart Links or via Custom Links, such as ILL, OPAC, OpenURL, etc. when full text is not part of EBSCO
  • Plays – a play of an audiobook or video content
  • Supporting Data Views – a view of supporting data, figures or related images

Here is an article page with metrics in all five categories, Usage, Captures, Mentions, Social Media and Citations that includes EBSCO Usage. See it live here.


You can read more in our recent press release here.

It is our goal to give as complete a picture of research output – from articles and books to videos and web pages, and everything in between – as we can. We are very interested in working with publishers and others directly to include more usage data. Please email us if you are interested in discussing this further.