Announcing PlumX Widgets and our Open Data API

Over the past 6 months, we’ve been quietly improving upon our functionality on how to embed PlumX data about research impact into other applications and websites.

This week, we added a feature that puts our widgets front and center in PlumX, so we wanted to blog about it.  We have created a widget builder that enables data from PlumX to be quickly and easily added to other websites.

Here is a screen shot of this feature:


Every object that is tracked by PlumX has a widget builder associated with it, including:

  • artifacts – including journal articles, books, patents, datasets, figures, and more.  Check out a live example of an artifact and the corresponding widget builder page.  Here the widget is also embedded in the author’s institutional repository.
  • people – Here is a person dashboard and the corresponding widget builder page.
  • people-centric groupings – like universities, institutes, departments, labs, and custom groups of people.  For example, here is a grouping for a lab, and the corresponding widget builder page.
  • collection-centric groupings – like journals, volumes, issues, topics, and custom collections.

If you’d like to experiment more with the widgets, you can reach them through any page on the PlumX site through the “Embed Widgets” link.  Full documentation about the widgets as well as our open data API is available here: