PlumX Plum Print Altmetrics in EDS and CINAHL — See It Now

In June we announced that EBSCO Discovery ServiceTM (EDS) users would start seeing the PlumTM Print in the result lists. Earlier, we added the Plum Print to the result list in the CINAHL database on EBSCOhost. By integrating the Plum Print widget into these platforms, you can view the altmetrics about articles, ebooks and repository items and uncover new research insights.

PlumX Plum Print Altmetrics Research EDS
PlumX Plum Print on the Bank Street Library Blog

Libraries, library blogs and library-centric publications around the globe are communicating about the Plum Print. Here’s what a few of them have to say.

University of Loyola Andalusia  Acknowledging the overall power of PlumX, this announcement shows how the Plum Print appears in EDS and discusses how to interpret it.

Bank Street Library Blog  The Bank Street Library blog features a prominent visual to help their readers understand where to look for and what the significance of the Plum Print is. A quote from the blog post:

In the past, students have had to rely on Google Scholar to ascertain an articles popularity. We’re hoping PlumX will become an additional tool for students to gather metrics.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague  Lamenting that searching across the university’s databases was limited in showing the real impact of retrieved publications, The Study and Information Centre now says that is changing with the introduction of PlumX statistics in the EDS interface.

Georgia State Libraries  Georgia State does a good job explaining how Plum Print metrics in CINAHL and the University’s EDS database to show students and faculty how to identify articles to support research and also give the ability to collect content on articles they have authored. They provide a visual example to help explain how the Plum Print shows Usage, Captures, Mentions, Social Media and Citations.

Szent Istvan University  The Szent Istvan University library blog combines commentary on the Plum Print in EDS with news about Full Text Finder for students.Plum Print, Plum Analytics, altmetrics, research metrics

Texas A&M University Libraries  Texas A&M University tells its students how currently 3,500 of CINAHL’s journals will reveal Plum Prints, plus how to easily it is to see them with just the hover of a mouse.

The University of Arkansas explains the Plum Print.

University of Arkansas Libraries  The University of Arkansas libraries blog takes a step-by-step approach to using the Plum Print widget and interpreting the results.

The University of Seville  The University of Seville libraries announced that the Plum Print widget gives the CINAHL database realtime ability to measure immediate impact.

University of Masarykovy University  When this faculty blog of the University of Masarykovy University in Czechoslovakia covered our announcement, they pointed out that PlumX altmetrics are available for millions of records in the database.

Kutztown University’s Rohrbach Library  Kutztown University’s Rohrbach library notes that the Plum Print in EDS provides “valuable viewing information to users, such as the number of views, shares, or cross references of the book or article. As a result, viewers are able to visualize the impact or use of a specific resource in the academic world.”

The Newsletter of the Mayo Clinic Libraries  Liblog, the Newsletter of the Mayo Clinic Libraries, ran a clinic on PlumX Metrics. This informative article takes the time to explain to its readers how, for example, a CINAHL Plum Print should be interpreted, with its colors and sizes and what they mean. The article goes into depth as to why researchers should care, perhaps best summing it up in this quote:

Altmetrics are mainly composed of data gathered from a variety of online tools and environments. Due to this arrangement, most altmetrics are produced quickly and available earlier than traditional metrics. Altmetrics can also provide a greater understanding of how a publication is being used…

What has been the impact of the Plum Print in EDS or CINAHL in your institution? Tweet @PlumAnalytics to tell us about your Plum Print announcement.