Plum Analytics Provides a Worldly View of Research

It is important to us to provide a  worldwide and comprehensive picture of research impact to enable customers in all regions to tell the stories of their research. Here is a round-up of our announcements about new research metrics from around the world.

  • Asia – Airiti is a leading e-content provider, providing Chinese and Taiwanese academic e-journals, conference proceedings and dissertations to more than 72,000 libraries in 122 countries and territories around the world. We added usage statistics from Airiti to PlumX.
  • UK – We added Clinical Citations from the UK NICE clinical guidelines. PlumX mines 181 NICE clinical guidelines for references to research. When research is referenced in a NICE clinical guideline, we create a Clinical Citation in PlumX. We have discovered more than 43,000 Clinical Citations this way .
  • WorldWide – We’re adding Policy Documents as a source of citations. Organizations such governments, think-tanks and non-profits produce documents with titles such as “Policy”, “Guidelines” or “Recommendations” with the goal of advising or influencing public policy. These documents often cite research. Based on the examination of a range of influential policy making institutions we created twelve categories of policy document citations to assist in understanding the types of policy being influenced.

We are continually evaluating and adding more sources of research metrics to PlumX to create a comprehensive and global picture of how research is being used and the impact that it is having.